Tempus fugit

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Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve found as you grow older, it flies when you’re not having fun. It’s a difficult thing to hold onto. It’s my understanding that if you climb into a space capsule and somehow get it going faster than the speed of light you can get a few more minutes […]


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You wouldn’t think that a dry, desert environment that habitually reaches 100 degrees and more in the summer would be so cold and damp in the winter. I didn’t think so until this year, when I spent the winter in an apartment at least a few hundred years old, half of which is below ground […]


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Just a few random thoughts on noise and personal space… Here in Granada, life is LOUD. Granada is known for being the noisiest city in Spain, and Spain is known for being a noisy country, so I don’t think I can be far off the mark by assuming that I’m in the noisiest location on […]

January 2, 1492

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Silly me. I packed my bag and headed to the gym today, thinking I’d be able to get in the first workout since Tuesday. On Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, I helped a friend move, which was enough exercise for the day, and of course yesterday, New Year’s Day, nothing was open so I had a […]


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Graffiti. (Cross-posted from RandomACThoughts.blogspot.com) One thing about living in Granada, or Spain for that matter:There’s no end to graffiti. I’ve also been in Santiago, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Bilbao, and countless smaller cities and towns as I’ve walked through Spain, and graffiti seems to be the national pastime.  Someone wants to express himself (and I’m willing […]

Living in Disneylandia

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Living in a tourist destination takes some getting used to. Even more so when you’re living at the poverty level, as an illegal immigrant, in the center of activity where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a restaurant, bar, or someone trying to sell you tickets to an expensive dinner-and-flamenco combo or offering you […]

Spanish Lessons

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It’s been a pretty boring time in the Pacific Northwest, where I find myself these days. Not much to write about. I get up and go to work every weekday, I take a guitar lesson every other Saturday, and I’ve begun sitting in on flamenco cante (song) lessons on Sundays. I might write something in […]

Back in the USA :-(

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From here, it gets somewhat mundane, but I’ll keep writing in hope that that changes and I can say something of interest. Wait! Stay with me. I promise to say something of interest. I’m back at work as a project manager at a major mobile phone company in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., working […]


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July 13th, late morning. Granada bus station. In Santiago, Montse, a fellow pilgrim and new friend, had given me the name of a youth hostel in Granada and had even gone so far as to call them for me to make a reservation. I still hadn’t much confidence in my Spanish abilities so I was […]